This literary piece is the next big thing

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Tomi Adeyemo, a 24-year-old debut novelist, projected a fantasy trilogy with Zelie as the protagonist – white-haired but the dark-skinned female protagonist. Her character was described as but not impervious to fear, intelligent, but prone to impulsiveness. Therefore, she unlike any heroine we have encountered before.

There is tremendous power in a book like Children of Blood and Bone, especially for children seeing this book on library displays and summer reading lists, and that’s precisely the point. “Imagine if Harry Potter had been a Black boy. The world might actually be a different place because the boy who everybody was obsessed with would be this Black boy with an afro,” says Adeyemo. “The Next Big Thing is all about incredible Black people,” she added.

Tiffany Liao is the book editor and she instantly acknowledges its potential after the 400-page manuscript that arrived in her inbox at Henry Holt Books for Young Readers. “I read it in one mesmerized sitting – covered in chills, often through a blur of tears. It felt completely unlike anything I or anyone at Macmillan had ever read before. We all knew immediately this is something special. This is something groundbreaking. We have to have it,” she shared in an interview. Papa Murphy’s survey is the best place to reveal your feedback.

Moreover, Henry Holt Books for Young Readers was not the only imprint trying to win Adeyemi’s book. Liao even compared the bidding war to battle. “It was unlike anything I had ever experienced,” she said. Holt faced down other publishers clamoring for the book a week after receiving the manuscript. Liao encountered one of the largest publishing deals for a YA debut novel ever. “We paid an incredible advance for an incredible book.”

“What we are experiencing now is the result of a movement built on the hard work, the dedication, the passion of many, many librarians, teachers, gatekeepers, editors, publishing professionals, in and outside the industry,” Liao proudly said on Refinery 29.


How to Captivate Readers

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  1. Readers need answers

To be interesting is the very first requirement for a captivating content. It does not matter how good something is if your reader does not have at least some interest in it.

More importantly, you need to use a principle called curiosity gaps as often as possible. Curiosity gaps have less to do with what you are writing about and more about how you are writing. This is to maximize interest and draw more Kroger customers into the mix.

  1. Halo Effect

Here is the common scenario: a guy sees a girl he thinks is beautiful, the music starts playing, and spotlight begins to focus towards her. After that moment, he cannot focus on anything else but her. That is obviously not completely realistic, but it has some truth to it. When we are in awe of something, or even just impressed by it, we focus our attention on it.

If the reader is impressed by either you or your content, they will be glued to every word on the page. One of the best methods to do that is to use the “halo effect,” where we see someone or something in a positive light and rate them highly in other aspects.

  1. The simpler the better

The best content does not need to have difficult terms. This is why even some of the smartest people cannot write content to save their lives. This is a very simple tweak you can make to instantly make your content more gripping. Write simpler!

  1. Angle Repetition is a ‘no-no’

Remember when you were a kid and when learning basic addition was fun? Most people enjoy new things. What they do not enjoy is repetition. According to Quick Sprout, once you learned how to add, did you really want to spend hours every day doing it? Maybe not as doing exactly the same thing over and over is boring.

Preschool story time attracts young readers

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The preschool story time held at Harriotte B. Smith Library at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune seeks to encourage reading and learning in young children.

“Reading encourages language development, creativity, and helps children be more prepared for school,” said Sean Pittman, Harriotte B. Smith Library Programs, and Library technician supervisor.

“My favorite part about working in a library is the patrons themselves, and the programs we get to do with them,” Pittman added. “We have started some really fun events since I started with the Harriotte B. Smith Library. Seeing our patrons grow up with us as we explore new events and programs makes me really appreciate all of the work that we do.”

Moreover, Pittman is not the only staff member who is involved in these events. He works with Harriotte B. Smith Library youth services technician named Fran Bing. “I love having a career in the library field, especially Youth Services, I really feel like I make a difference in the children and teens’ lives,” Bing shared.

Bing likes reading as well so Preschool story time is an outlet for her passion. Therefore, maybe more funds for this project can be deposited to the bank. “I love talking, especially about the book. I love the challenge of finding that one book that will turn a child into a lifelong reader.”

On the other hand, Pittman adds, “I love working in the library and have enjoyed every aspect of being here.” “I get to show my geek side when it comes to movies, video games, books, and comic books.” The story is a means for Bing and Pittman to get closer to the kids in a unique way that they each enjoy.

“Any book where I or Mrs. Fran makes funny voices or just talking about the book tends to make them very happy,” said Pittman. Furthermore, Bing has seen some stories stand out as crowd pleasers when it comes to the kids, The Globe revealed.

Setting Up an Ideal Library Where Readers Can Find Real Refuge

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Setting up an ideal library, where book lovers and other groups of readers can find real refuge is not hard.

The first step, in the process of setting up an ideal library where readers can find real refuge is that of identifying and acquiring suitable premises. The premises should ideally be in a location that is suitable for reading – like, say, in a quiet, well-ventilated and aesthetically appealing place.

The second step, in the process of setting up an ideal library where readers can find real refuge is that of acquiring furniture for the library. Here, you need the chairs and tables to be used by book readers in the library. This is also where you need to buy the shelves on which the books are to be kept. Equipment for keeping the library clean can also be acquired at this step. You may have a difficult time figuring out the right vacuum for me (as a librarian). But you’d at least have an easy time eliminating certain classes of vacuums like, say, where you wouldn’t have to think of things like the top rated vacuum cleaners for dogs. Ultimately, the best cleaning equipment to buy would depend on things like the nature of materials used in setting up the library’s floor.

The third step, in the process of setting up an ideal library where readers can find real refuge, is that of acquiring the books. This is where you need to focus a lot of attention: knowing that when all is said and done, libraries are judged by the quantities and quality of books held in them.

How to Identify People Who Have a Genuine Love for Books

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It is not hard to identify people who have a genuine love for books. There are few things to watch out for – things that prove conclusively that any given person is a genuine lover of books.

Firstly, people who have a genuine love for books tend to be folks who show willingness to spend their own money buying books. This is particularly remarkable if it is something done by people of modest means: people who’d surely have other uses for their money.

Secondly, people who have a genuine love for books tend to be folks who show willingness – and even eagerness – to spend their time reading books.

Thirdly, people who have a genuine love for books tend to be folks who have an appetite for reading ‘just for the sake of it’. A person in this category could go as far as visiting an email website like to sign up for email as described at with a view to use that email to communicate with other book lovers. These are the sorts of people who can go as far as registering for the Yale University Comparative Literature program: not because they hope to make money out of it, but because it is something they have a passion for.

Exploring the Two Major Ways in Which You Can Read e-Books

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E-Books are becoming ever more popular, as more and more people discover that an electronic book offers certain advantages over a traditional printed book. Now there are two major ways in which you can read e-Books.

The first major way in which you can read e-books is through specialized devices that are created for the purpose of reading e-books: such as the Kindle.

The second major way in which you can read e-books is through the use of ordinary computing devices: such as a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or something else along those lines. In some cases, you can read the e-books using programs such as the PDF readers, or even directly on browsers. In some other cases, you may need to install special programs, for you to be able to read e-books on ordinary computing devices. Note that if you happen to encounter problems installing such programs, or accessing the e-books through such programs, there are several ways for you to get help online. One approach would entail seeking the technical support you need remotely, through a website such as So this would be a question of going to the Logmein login page, and requesting for the help you need there. All this is, of course, assuming that you are not using a Kindle or a Barnes and Noble reader: because for such specialized devices, you can always get technical support from the respective makers/vendors.

Things to Check While Testing Headphones

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You need to be very careful when testing headphones: especially if you are carrying out the testing exercise prior to making a purchase decision.

Firstly, while testing headphones, you need to see how well the headphones perform at high (sound) volumes and at low volumes. It doesn’t matter whether the vendor claims that the headphones under consideration are the best earbuds or the best over ear headphones, it is still upon you to carry out the actual testing, in order to see how well they perform.

Secondly, while testing headphones, you need to see how well the headphones perform in terms of keeping unwanted sounds out. This is particularly important if, for instance, you are looking at best open over ear headphones. Granted, there are some specialized noise-cancelling headphones, but even those that are not specialized at this function should nonetheless have some basic noise cancellation capabilities.

Thirdly, while testing headphones, you need to see how comfortable the headphones are to wear. Again, granted, you don’t expect a pair of headphones to be as comfortable to wear as, say, as pair of Calvin Klein shorts, but the headphones should nonetheless be reasonable comfortable to wear. At the very least, you don’t want to end up with headphones that scratch your ears or otherwise cause injuries to you.

Critical Bits of Information You Can Obtain from Amazon Book Reviews

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As a person who is contemplating books any of the books sold at Amazon, you have the option of either reading through the Amazon book reviews, or opting not to read the reviews. We are, however, of the opinion that taking time to read through the reviews is worthwhile. That is because there are certain critical bits of information that you can obtain from the Amazon books reviews in question.

Firstly, from the Amazon book reviews in question, you can obtain information about the book authors. From some of the reviews, you may have a chance to figure out what the motivations of the book writers were, what circumstances the writers were living under when they wrote the books and so on. This sort of information is usually very helpful: because to understand a book deeply, you need to understand the writer’s influences as well.

Secondly, from the Amazon book reviews, you can obtain information on what the other people who have read the books think. Then, by the time you finish reading the books, you can have figured out whether or not you agree with those sentiments.

Thirdly, from the Amazon book reviews, you can obtain information on the major themes in the books, and how those themes are dealt with. This can tell you whether the books you are considering buying are worth buying or not.

Of course, reading through the reviews, you may end up getting glimpses into the plot and substance of the story. That can kill the joy, especially if the books in question are novels (or similar works).