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‘Flintstone House’ getting attention

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According to The Mercury News, Marisa Kendall’s latest interview with the iconic “Flintstone House” owner gave a huge impact to the several readers, many of whom have driven past the mushroom-shaped structure for years.

Everyone has an opinion about it – some hate it, some adores it. Each has a personal story about “Flintstone House.” Another big hit to people is the dinosaur statues Fang placed outside it, liquor stores. Read some of the comments below:

  • “Thank you, Florence Fang, for having a sense of humor and bringing some fun into our lives!” said “jane_weed”
  • “I would love to have purchased it,” wrote ”Frog Lover,” “but it looks dangerously perched on a bank. I do not like the new paint of the yard art.”
  • “Prison Planet,” wrote: “I got a ticket taking a picture of that house . . . from the bridge. Maybe I should have sued as it was an ‘attractive nuisance.’ Hahaha.”
  • “I love it!” exclaimed “sunny Calif.” “Such fun!”
  • “CM,” writes: “Architect William Nicholson was dismayed that his ‘work of art’ sat on the market so long. ‘Art’ is a very subjective thing. One persons ‘art’ may be a piece of crap to someone else. I wouldn’t call this house ‘art’, neither would I live in it, but it’s an interesting landmark/conversation piece if you’re driving up 280.”
  • “Before I heard it called the ‘Flintstone’ house, I called it the ‘Cindy Lu Who’ house,” said “norcalreader.” “It’s straight out of the Grinch’s Whoville.”
  • A reader named “easong” said they thought they recognized “the dinosaur sculptures from an art place along 92W in Half Moon Bay, no?”
  • “I like the full Flintstone effect,” said Walking Fool. “It’s very fun, almost like a Disneyland, but I won’t be able to live inside that house with the weird walls.”