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Readers longs for transparency in surgery center

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According to Kaiser Health News, Surgery and anesthesia carry with them small but known risks, including death. The thrust of the story was that ASCs are more dangerous than hospitals. However, the data as we currently know it do not support that claim. It’s possible that better reporting of adverse events from ASCs will provide new information. And I fully support the push for more information. Still, contextual reporting is important.

— Dr. James Lozada, Chicago

Last year, more than 20 million Americans put their trust in ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) for outpatient surgical procedures and treatments ranging from cataract surgery to total joint replacement. They did so because the surgeons, nurses and other health professionals who practice in ASCs have the same education, training and talent as their peers who work only in hospitals.

Regrettably, the Kaiser Health News-USA Today Network article “As Surgery Centers Boom, Patients Are Paying With Their Lives” (March 2) by Christina Jewett and Mark Alesia focused on a relatively small number of adverse events, while ignoring the more than 100 million successful procedures that ASCs provided during the same time frame, find liquor store.

Despite the innuendo and conjecture in this article, there is no empirical evidence that supports the inference that surgery centers pose risk to patients. The adverse events highlighted in the story were tragic anomalies.

Here is one essential fact about ASCs that the story does not cover:

Hospital Transfers. ASCs, like hospital outpatient departments, have all the medical equipment and training needed to respond to unanticipated emergencies. In rare instances, a hospital transfer becomes necessary, and surgery centers work with their local hospitals to have protocols in place to provide for those. More importantly, a recent study in the January issue of the Journal of Health Economics concluded: “We find that patients treated in an ASC are less likely to be admitted to a hospital or visit an emergency room a short time after outpatient surgery.”

Preschool story time attracts young readers

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The preschool story time held at Harriotte B. Smith Library at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune seeks to encourage reading and learning in young children.

“Reading encourages language development, creativity, and helps children be more prepared for school,” said Sean Pittman, Harriotte B. Smith Library Programs, and Library technician supervisor.

“My favorite part about working in a library is the patrons themselves, and the programs we get to do with them,” Pittman added. “We have started some really fun events since I started with the Harriotte B. Smith Library. Seeing our patrons grow up with us as we explore new events and programs makes me really appreciate all of the work that we do.”

Moreover, Pittman is not the only staff member who is involved in these events. He works with Harriotte B. Smith Library youth services technician named Fran Bing. “I love having a career in the library field, especially Youth Services, I really feel like I make a difference in the children and teens’ lives,” Bing shared.

Bing likes reading as well so Preschool story time is an outlet for her passion. Therefore, maybe more funds for this project can be deposited to the bank. “I love talking, especially about the book. I love the challenge of finding that one book that will turn a child into a lifelong reader.”

On the other hand, Pittman adds, “I love working in the library and have enjoyed every aspect of being here.” “I get to show my geek side when it comes to movies, video games, books, and comic books.” The story is a means for Bing and Pittman to get closer to the kids in a unique way that they each enjoy.

“Any book where I or Mrs. Fran makes funny voices or just talking about the book tends to make them very happy,” said Pittman. Furthermore, Bing has seen some stories stand out as crowd pleasers when it comes to the kids, The Globe revealed.