How to Captivate Readers

  1. Readers need answers

To be interesting is the very first requirement for a captivating content. It does not matter how good something is if your reader does not have at least some interest in it.

More importantly, you need to use a principle called curiosity gaps as often as possible. Curiosity gaps have less to do with what you are writing about and more about how you are writing. This is to maximize interest and draw more Kroger customers into the mix.

  1. Halo Effect

Here is the common scenario: a guy sees a girl he thinks is beautiful, the music starts playing, and spotlight begins to focus towards her. After that moment, he cannot focus on anything else but her. That is obviously not completely realistic, but it has some truth to it. When we are in awe of something, or even just impressed by it, we focus our attention on it.

If the reader is impressed by either you or your content, they will be glued to every word on the page. One of the best methods to do that is to use the “halo effect,” where we see someone or something in a positive light and rate them highly in other aspects.

  1. The simpler the better

The best content does not need to have difficult terms. This is why even some of the smartest people cannot write content to save their lives. This is a very simple tweak you can make to instantly make your content more gripping. Write simpler!

  1. Angle Repetition is a ‘no-no’

Remember when you were a kid and when learning basic addition was fun? Most people enjoy new things. What they do not enjoy is repetition. According to Quick Sprout, once you learned how to add, did you really want to spend hours every day doing it? Maybe not as doing exactly the same thing over and over is boring.

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